Self-Care Series pt. 3: Find What Fuels You

Self-care is important.

And part of self-care is just finding out what fuels you — what gives you energy, life, and rejuvenation. In the first two parts of this series on self-care, I walked you through the importance of rest, and then exercising & eating well.

Today we are talking about the things that not only bring you peace, but also joy. Things that not only make you feel rested, but also make you feel motivated.

A few things that give me life are spending time outside, meditating on scripture, and connecting with others (more on the last in a post-to-come).

Opt outside

I love to be outside. Whether it’s a hike or a bike ride, a climb or a picnic, I love to soak up the sun and breathe fresh air. There is something about spending time outside that makes my soul sing.

Unfortunately, the greater Dallas area does not have much (or really anything) to offer in terms of mountains. But when I am able to escape the 214 and hop on a plane to Colorado, or most recently Utah, it’s always time well spent.

While I prefer mountains, I’m not too picky — I also appreciate the piney woods of East Texas, or the simple parks in DFW. Thankfully, being a happy dog mom means going on a minimum of two walks a day. At times they are short and sweet, but I always treasure these times in the morning and evening.

Meditating on scripture

Spending time alone with My Heavenly Father also fuels me. It both brings me peace and lifts my spirit. I will admit I am not the most disciplined at my daily quiet time, but when I prioritize a slow morning with God, I notice a tangible positive difference in my energy and attitude the rest of the day.

I have found that having a designated devotional helps me be more dedicated when reading scripture. It gives me direction and focus, and it overall helps me have deeper, more intentional time spent with The Lord.

Find what fuels you

Maybe you’re not like me. Maybe the great outdoors or a spiritual relationship don’t speak to you. Maybe instead you’re fueled by alone time, volunteer service, or long car rides. We are all different and that’s okay! We can all like different things and have different environments, activities, or relationships that fuel us.

During times of apathy or lack of inspiration, I encourage you (and myself) to find things that motivate you. I encourage you to find what speaks to you, what gives you life. Find what gives you joy and pursue it!

Travel Tips: On How To Get Away

Lately, I’ve been bit by the travel bug.

Unfortunately, I get carried away at times.

I become stir-crazy, crazy-eyed and click-happy. I Google flights and Airbnb’s and the whole sha-bang, only to find my bank account lacking a couple hundred dollars a few hours into my search.

Certainly there’s a much more sane, responsible and methodical way. Yes? Let’s talk through it.

When you want to get away:

  1. Consider your budget. This is key. You may want to only spend $100, including food and travel and stay. You may want to spend $1,000. This will determine where you can go, for how long, and what you can do.
  2. Consider your resources. Do you have friends who live in your dream location? Or even a friend-of-a-friend? It’s always nice to bunk somewhere for free. Search and seek out the best bangs for your buck in the area.
  3. Play the field. Don’t settle on the first location. Just open your eyes to new and old places. Do your research. This includes flight prices, times and availability. Which work the best for you? Which are you willing to sacrifice?
  4. Don’t settle. If you don’t find the perfect time or place at first, you still can later. I love to use apps like Sky Scanner and Hopper to keep an eye on flights. Be patient and diligent and trust you will make yourself the perfect getaway.
  5. Double check. Are you sure you have the finances and personal days for this? Are you 105% all-in to literally fly away from your worries and obligations? Then…
  6. Just do it. IMO, the adventure is always worth the risk. Pay a bit, play a bit, live a lot. It’s worth saving for and spending a little.

I love to getaway.

It’s easy for me to feel trapped and overwhelmed. Or even complacent and lame. But when I travel, I come to life. I meet a new version of myself every time I roam.

There’s a lot of land to explore and a lot to learn. Tell me about your next getaway in the comments below!