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You Are Who You Say You Are: On Negative Self-Talk

“You are what you eat.”

Maybe you’ve heard this saying growing up. Maybe your mom used to say, “If you eat too much chocolate, you’ll become chocolate!”

Well lately I’ve been thinking — what if I am who I say I am? What if I am the words I call myself, the thoughts I think toward me?

And that makes me think further — am I kind to myself the way I try to be kind to others? Am I lifting myself up or am I tearing myself down?

Sometimes self-harm isn’t only done by actions, but also words.

I harm myself when I compare myself to others, when I feel discouraged looking in the mirror, when I shame myself for over-indulging (whether it’s food or shopping or TV).

I harm myself when I call myself fat or dumb or ugly. I harm myself when I call myself not enough, or ironically: too much.

We are who we say we are.

We become the person that we call ourselves. When we’re mean to ourselves, when we practice negative self-talk, we become insecure and hurt and ashamed.

Dear friend,

Be careful with your words — not only toward others, but also to yourself. Remember you have the capacity to love and be loved; while others can love you meaningfully, you can love yourself deeply, too.

We are who we say we are. Let’s say we’re loved. Let’s say we’re known. Let’s say we’re worth it.

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