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Comparison: The Thief Of Joy

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

That’s what Teddy Roosevelt said. And that’s what I know to be true.

With social media, with conversations, with the humanity of it all — it’s easy to compare. For me, it’s easy for me to be envious of someone’s social media growth, of their relationships status, of their milestone.

Comparison is easy to feel but hard to resolve.

I tend to need to keep myself in check, to hold myself accountable to logical thinking:

  • Yes, they’ve experience social media growth; maybe my trajectory and results haven’t looked the same, but I have too.
  • Yes, they may be in a relationship (dating or married), and no I’m not; but, I enjoy my singleness and independence and have learned so much from both.
  • Yes, they bought a house/had a baby/graduated law school/insert x, y, or z here; I am happy for them but Ican be happy for me too! I can be happy with what I’m doing and where I am in life.

My Insta bio says “community > competition.”

And this is something I also know to be true — that uniting with others, serving as a cheerleader, encourager, and friend, is the most rewarding experience. It’s a far greater and healthier experience than comparing myself to others and wanting to “beat” them at this game called life.

It’s uplifting and encouraging and engaging and wonderful to love and be loved; it’s wonderful to cheer on others and to be cheered on.

My little blog community is lovely — it ranges from ladies with less than 500 followers and those with up to literally thousands. And each one has a treasured place in my heart for who they are, the content they share, and the encouragement they give me.

Friends, I encourage you to find your cheerleaders, encouragers, and friends. Find people you can lean into, you can trust, you can celebrate life with. Find people who surround you with community, not competition — you won’t regret it.

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