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Intentional Thoughts For An Intentional Year

2023 is here.

And I still can’t believe it. The older I become, the faster the years ago. Seems like just yesterday it was 2021 and an eager and wide-eyed Mae was wondering what the next year would hold.

Well 2022 held a lot of good and exciting things: changing jobs, opening a climbing gym, finding a new church family.

But also a lot of sad, different things: like losing my grandfather, facing my pup Jack’s seizure battles, struggling with insomnia.

I’d like to be more intentional this year.

There’s a trend going around on Instagram with what’s “in” and what’s “out” this year. I made my own because the idea really resonated with me.

Some of my in’s are – slow mornings, intentional conversations, and feeling seen.

Some of my out’s are – rushed living, gossiping, and lying when you ask how I’m doing.

I’d like to live a more authentic, more genuine life. I’d like to live a life that is grounded and centered, yet willing to accept whimsical surprises.

I’d like to be more open: open-hearted, open-minded; open to change and open to consistency.

I’m tired of being aimless.

And in general, I don’t think I’m very aimless to begin with. But when I am and when I notice it, it exhausts me. It reminds me “hey, you don’t know what’s up…like, at all.”

And yes, there’s a charm to not knowing what’s next, a charm and a magic to going with the flow. But I’m talking — aimless here, like wandering about, practically drunkenly, just clinging to whatever I can in the moment without giving it thought or deliberation.

So here we go!

Here’s a new year! A new era! A sense of newness and freshness and metamorphosis at our fingertips.

Here’s where we can breathe in; we can consider what we want this year — what’s in and what’s out; and we can just freakin’ go. for. it.

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