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Simply Giving: On Thanks Among Sorrow

I’ve felt true and utter pain before.

When I was diagnosed with bipolar; when I faced devastating depression; when I went through a breakup; etc., etc.

I have felt that sorrow, felt that longing for healing and hope.

But let me tell you something: it is possible to simply give thanks even when we hurt, even when we feel doubt, anxiety, and hopelessness.

It’s not easy, it’s not natural.

And it sometimes doesn’t even feel good.

But I suppose it goes back to that cheesy mindset of counting your blessings. It goes back to being aware of what’s good and what’s working, back to how you are capable and able to get through this hard and dark time — because by golly, you’ve certainly done it before.

Lately I’ve felt this sorrow and longing for a relationship, for something stable and something true.

But I’m thankful for this singleness and independence, I’m thankful for an amazing and supportive community, thankful for an amazing and insane job, thankful thankful thankful!

Sometimes I have to simply give even when I feel there’s nothing left. It’s not easy, it’s not natural, but it makes my heart feel better and my spirits feel lifted.

So if you’re down and struggling, dig deep and find that hope; dig deep and find simple giving for the little things that go a long way. You can do it! I believe.

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