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Savor: On Seasons Of Life

Seasons are weird.

And I’m not talking fall, winter, spring, and summer — although, those can be weird, too.

I’m talking the seasons of life: ever-changing, the ebbs and flows, the beginnings and ends of eras.

This season for me has been mostly sweet with a touch of longing.

This season has been marked with big changes: leaving my job at Summit, starting with Movement, and trying to open a new climbing gym. It’s been marked with investing in new friendships, and some who’ve been put more on the backburner.

I also started going to a new church, Disciple City, which has been monumentally good for my faith and also mental and spiritual health. A lot of newness, a lot of change, a lot of excitement.

But something that’s lingered on since the last season is a bit of longing, a bit of loneliness, a bit of struggling with this seemingly perpetual singleness. It’s something that’s heavy on my heart and mind, and I’m not sure it will go away until I’m in a mutual and healthy relationship.

But that’s OK, and I’m truly OK.

I really am enjoying this season of change and newness. I really am enjoying a new job, a new church, and new friends.

It’s OK that my current season is mixed with a little bit of sorrow, because truly what is experiencing joy without sorrow, anyway?

My encouragement to you is this: stay present, stay thankful for this season if it’s good and sweet and memorable to you. And if it’s not, remember it’s only a season, and this too shall pass.

Let’s celebrate the moment. Let’s celebrate the seasons!

2 responses to “Savor: On Seasons Of Life”

  1. Janice Margrave Avatar
    Janice Margrave

    As hard as it is, waiting often brings the perfect companion. I’ve seen it happen so many times. I think there’s a richness and depth to a long-waited-for relationship. And “they” say, when you quit looking, that’s when he/she shows up. 💜


    1. Yes, I don’t mind the wait. 🙂


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