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28 Years Of Life! On Easing, Leaning, & Clinging

I’m 28 years young.

Emphasis on the young — because I don’t want to acknowledge, nor embrace, the fact that 30-years is only two years away.

I turned my young 28 on August 31. The past weekend I spent in Austin with close friends and family, bopping around and having a blast. This morning I did an easy morning yoga flow, read my Bible, and made coffee.

Easing into my 28th year has reflected a lot about my outlook on life: just ease into it.

On easing & leaning:

I used to not be the ease in-type. I used to be the dive headfirst, sink or swim, do the damn thing type. I had zero chill one-hundred percent of the time, and things were crazy.

Living that way was not sustainable — or really fun, now that I think about it.

These days, I ease in. I assess the water, dip my toes in, and jump in — if I’m feeling particularly crazy (which is almost never).

And along with easing in, I’ve learned to lean in, as well. When I feel down and depressed, I lean in and ride it out. When I feel excited, anxious, stressed, moody, I acknowledge and embrace those feelings, and just lean in.

It’s easy. It’s nice. It’s relaxing. It’s slow and steady, and I want to be slow and steady. It’s methodical. It’s purposeful. I want to be methodical and purposeful, too.

On clinging:

If there’s anything else I’ve learned during my 28 years of life, it’s this: cling as much as you can — cling to your people, your Jesus, to the things that make you whole.

Pursue kind hearts and kindred souls. Pursue The Lord who loves you. Pursue things that bring life and joy to your little soul.

Easing, leaning, clinging have gotten me by. They’ve filled me up, they’ve brought me life. They’ve ignited my soul when it lost its flame. They’ve brought me home when I felt lost.

Ease in. Lean in. Cling, cling, cling.

Say it with me again: ease in, lean in. Cling, cling, cling.

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