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Lately: Updates On Life, Love, & In-Between Moments

Life has been good and sweet lately.

But it’s also been emotional and hard.

It’s been a little good here, a little sad there, a little up here, and a little down there. I’m constantly learning and re-learning that the intermingling between joy and sorrow isn’t a bad thing, but a common trait of life. It’s okay to feel things and feel them deeply, and it’s very human to both rejoice and mourn simultaneously.

Even though I’ve spoken about my disorder on here recently, most of my regular updates are found on my blog Insta. I figured it’s about time I share a bit in this space, too. Let’s hop in!

Life updates

  • In case you missed it, I started a new job about four months ago. I’m at a climbing gym new to Dallas, and it’s been a blast so far. The company structure and organization is quite different than my previous employer, so there’s plenty to learn but it’s been delightful!
  • I’m eagerly planning a trip at the end of the month to the greater Frankfurt area to be a bridesmaid in my Chinese sister’s wedding. After I’ll be taking a solo trip to Paris. I absolutely cannot wait! If you have recs for Paris, comment them below.
  • My grandfather “Big Daddy” unexpectedly passed at the end of April. We all took it pretty hard — understandably so. I deeply miss him, but I am at peace knowing he’s reunited with His greatest friend: The Lord.

Love updates

  • I dated a guy back in the fall and while it was short and sweet, it really left me heartbroken. I finally feel like I’m in a good headspace (and heart space) to date again, so I’m back on the apps!
  • Speaking of the apps — I very briefly dated this guy from Hinge. Honestly, it’s hard to find good guys on the apps, so it was a little win for me, even though it was only for a little amount of time.

In-Between Moments

  • Despite living in Texas nearly all of my life, I am just not made for this heat. I am made for afternoons at the pool with an iced beverage though, and so I’ve been enjoying those.
  • Lately my sleep patterns have been pretty out of whack. I have to give Jack a seizure pill in the middle of the night, so that’s certainly not helping. Hoping I can find a good balance to getting enough rest but not over or under sleeping. My sweet pup Jack was having some very serious seizure episodes for a few months in a row. I’m thrilled to announce he’s been seizure-free for almost two months! This is honestly a huge win for us.

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