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Getaway Recap: Broken Bow

A few weekends ago, I drove up north to Oklahoma.

My gal pal Tinker and I, along with my sweet pup Jack in tow, went to Broken Bow, OK for a short and sweet getaway. And boy, was it short. We left early(ish) on Saturday morning, and came home Sunday mid-day.

The weekend’s highlights included:

  • Devouring a massive burger at Buffalo Grill– it was the perfect time to eat as we rolled into town midday. My belly was starving! Both Tink and I got burgers, which were incredibly delicious. We ate on the deck while Jack laid out in the sun, the weather was lovely and service was attentive.
  • Hiking the world’s easiest hike (Beaver Creek Trail) at Beavers Bend State Park– This light walk around Beavers Bend SP was easy, breezy, and beautiful. Plenty of people were out and about enjoying the weather, and Jack loved strolling along the trail in between the trees.
  • Wining at Girls Gone Wine– our time at this winery/lounge/gift shop was perhaps the most fun part of the weekend, and definitely the loudest. The ladies at GGW know how to make their guests laugh and have a good time. Oh, and the wine was delish!
  • Dining at Blue Rooster– our eyes were much, much bigger than our stomachs, as we ordered wayyy too much chicken tenders, fried shrimp, and okra for our little bodies. But the food was very yummy and the service was great!
  • Coffee at Hochatown Coffee Central– I was pleasantly surprised Broken Bow had a few coffee shops to choose from–I doubted there would be any. Coffee Central was definitely the place to be on Sunday morning, the line was long, the coffee was sweet, and the service was kind.

Our Broken Bow weekend was exactly what I needed: a laidback getaway with a close friend and my sweet pup. It was relaxing and mellow and lowkey. The weather was beautiful, the scenery was nice, and the time spent with Tink was of the highest quality.

If you are in the Dallas area and looking for a quick getaway that is chill, but also fun, Broken Bow is where it’s at!

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