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The Monthly Update: July


July highlights:

  • Fourth of July was a blast! I spent the entire day at my sweet friend Emily’s lakehouse with her husband and family. It was wonderful spending time in the sunshine with people who are practically a second family to me.
  • I went climbing in Austin at Reimer’s Ranch in the middle of the month. There was lots of sweat, but also lots of fun memories made. I led my first route (a special type of climbing) and I made new friends. The best of times!

July lowlights:

  • Thankfully, I do not have a true lowlight from the month. However, saying goodbye to my tiny apartment on Friday was the most bittersweet moment. I will miss living alone, nestling up in my place, and being close to my favorite Dallas neighborhoods. But I also am looking forward to growing as I live at home with my family again.

This month, I was filled by:

  • On July 25th, I had the privilege of seeing one of my oldest friends, Bryanna, get married to the love of her life. It was such an encouragement to be apart of such a special, joy-filled day. It reminded me that even though times are tough now, especially with coronavirus, there is still plenty to be thankful for and celebrate.

This month, I was emptied by:

  • Just like everyone else, I am very ready for this pandemic to be over. It is a struggle wearing a mask everywhere and adjusting to this new normal, but I am extra thankful for my health and my family’s health.

In August, I am looking forward to:

  • I officially begin law school on the 24th! It is absolutely wild to see this four-year-long dream come to fruition, I am utterly blown away.
  • My birthday is the last day of the month! Year 26 will include a lot of change, especially with starting school and moving back in with my parents. But I am excited and ready to see what else will unfold in this new year of life!

2 responses to “The Monthly Update: July”

  1. Congrats on that lead Mae, way to go!


    1. Thank you kindly!!

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