Lessons From Home: On What Social-Distancing Has Taught Me

I’ve learned a lot lately.

A lot about the world, a lot about my friends, a lot about Jesus, a lot about myself. If you’re like me–which I hope you are–you have been at home and having lots and lots more time to yourself, which also means lots and lots of more time to learn.

Let me share a few things I have learned:

  1. We take a lot of things for granted: like going to the gym or movies or out-to-eat, like going on a vacation to a far-away place, or even simply taking a bus to a neighborhood down the road.
  2. Saying “I love you” goes a long way: maybe it is because words of affirmation is one of my love languages, or maybe it is because I am mushy gushy, but I can feel my heart physically swell when my friends say, “I love you” at the end of a video call. I’m trying to say it more often, more audibly these days.
  3. We’re all in this together: even though we are not physically together, it has been encouraging to see so many emotionally supporting one another through social media, phone calls, video conferences, etc. Community is important, especially during these times.
  4. But also, take time for yourself: living alone in quarantine has obviously given me lots of opportunity to spend time by myself and practice self-care, but it is a good reminder nonetheless. In order to care for others fully, we must care for ourselves and fulfill our needs, too.
  5. Emotional safety is important, too. It is very important for us to take care of our bodies during this time, but it’s also good to check in with our thoughts and feelings. Holistic wellness is what I am always aiming for.

This is a very rare time for all of us.

This will (hopefully) never happen again in our lifetimes. Our new normal now is far different from the normal it was before this pandemic. But I want to see this phase as an opportunity for refinement, growth, renewal.

I want to utilize the time I have to myself to become a better version of me. I want to look at pre-pandemic me and see all of the ways I have developed into a more polished self during this quarantine.

Change and growth aren’t easy, and sometimes they certainly are not fun. But at times they can be necessary, rewarding, and good for the soul.

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