The Monthly Update: January

Is it just me, or was January long?

Like, really, really long. The month felt like an entire year to me, dragging on and on and on some more.

With a new year and new decade, I would like to introduce a new series of blog posts I will (hopefully) share every month: monthly updates! These monthly updates will include highlights and lowlights, laughter and sorrow, thoughts and musings.

January highlights:

  • I have been loving my new job at the climbing gym, it seems like I made twenty new best friends all within a couple of weeks. And I get paid to hype up climbing!!
  • I finished all of my law school applications–whew! They were weighing me down, and it feels so nice (and scary) knowing they are done.

January lowlights:

  • I did not nanny for two weeks in a row (the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s Day), it was nice to have time off, but I missed my little buddies. It seemed like they grew so much in just a span of a couple of weeks!
  • I have not seen my therapist, Chelsey, since November. My appointments are really on a come-as-needed basis these days, and while I feel mentally healthy, I know I am due for a check-in. Thankfully, I will see her this Thursday!

This month, I was filled by:

  • Making new friends at the gym and following up with old ones that I had lost touch with.
  • Plenty of puppy time–no, but actually, I dog sat my friend’s little chunk Butterball and my heart was overflowing.

This month, I was emptied by:

  • Not prioritizing corporate worship over other little things, I missed a couple of church services and felt spiritually drained.
  • People pleasing instead of prioritizing my need to rest first

In February, I am looking forward to:

Going to Austin in a few weekends!! I get to see some dear, old friends and stay with some beloved extended family members. Quality time in one of my favorite Texas cities!

I am really excited about this new series!

I think it will be a great way for me to reflect and process on each month as it comes and goes. And it will be a great way for me to share updates on my life, what I am doing, how I am struggling, what makes me whole, etc.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read about little ole me. I hope you have a wonderful start to your February!

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