Getaway Recap: New York

I escaped the 214 this weekend.

My sweet friends Rosie & Nate moved to Brooklyn — the Bushwick district, to be precise — at the start of the new year. It’s been months of I-miss-you-texts and Marco Polo’s (walkie talkie video messages) and the constant tagging in Facebook memes. Then finally, and I seriously mean, FINALLY, this weekend came and I hopped on a plane to see my friends’ new place and explore their new city.

It was a blast.

Though Nate was in Dallas for the weekend — and was dearly missed — it allowed Rosie and I to have some quality soul sisterhood time. The three-day weekend was filled with good food, drinks, shopping, conversations and memories. Here’s a quick recap of what went down:

We ate:

  • Ichiran Ramen– Friday was cold and dreary, so it was perfect ramen weather. Rosie was the friend who got me into ramen to begin with, so it seemed natural that it was our first meal together in months. It was delicious. I’m talking mouthfuls upon mouthfuls of yum.
  • Hudson Hound– I had the delightful opportunity of introducing Rosie, an old friend, to Amanda, an even older friend from my Baylor glory days. After several failed attempts and reserving tables at other restaurants, we stumbled upon the Hudson Hound which had zero wait and inexpensive cocktails — a win, win in Manhattan.If you’re looking for an Irish bar with no wait, it is your place! The food was adequate but not exceptional, so if you’re looking for fine dining and a Gram-able atmosphere, it’s not your place.
  • Martha’s Country Bakery– our very last hoorah was grabbing cheesecake & carrot cake to-go from Martha’s and devouring it at Rosie’s apartment. Super delicious and reasonably priced, plus there wasn’t a line during the middle of the day.

My all-time favorite was our Sunday morning brunch at Juliette, this adorable, Instagram-worthy French restaurant. Their Eggs Benedict with sweet onions, potatoes and a light salad was the yummiest thing I ate all weekend long. 10/10 recommend if you’re into hanging plants, yummy food and great service.

We drank:

  • Partners Coffee– we started Saturday morning strong by grabbing coffee at Partners, formerly known as Toby’s. The vibes were hip and trendy and my almond milk latte was tasty.
  • Devocion Coffee– transparent confession here, sometimes I go places because I know they’ll make beautiful pictures. Devocion was one of those places. With a huge plant wall that makes an Instagrammer’s dreams come true and an open skylight, this place was all sorts of dreamy. The almond milk cappuccino was also good, but let’s be real — sometimes you do it for the Gram.

My all-time favorite was our Friday afternoon coffee at SEY COFFEE. Sweet Rosie treated me to an oat milk latte (they didn’t have almond), and it was sweet and creamy and all levels of yum. And there were also hanging plants — plants are a not-so-hidden theme of this weekend.

We did:

  • The Vessel– I don’t know if this technically counts, because we didn’t “do” the Vessel. The Vessel is this massive spiral-staircase-landmark-sculpture-thing. I don’t really know how to explain it, so click here for the official site. We happened upon the Vessel, took cool pics, found our reflection, but our time crunch didn’t allow us to actually climb it (which I secretly didn’t mind because I’m afraid of heights).

My all-time favorite was walking the High Line. I walk the High Line nearly every time I visit New York. I love the way the trail goes in-between and up-above the buildings. I love the way I feel immersed in the sights and sounds of the city. The weather on Saturday was perfect — 60’s and sunny — for an easy, breezy, beautiful walk.

We shopped:

  • Target & Madewell– I’m not super proud of this, but I’m also not ashamed…Rosie and I went to Target and Madewell during my visit. Yes, those stores are also in Dallas. But yes, they’re always great no matter where you go.
  • MUJI– essentially a Japanese Ikea (with clothing and print making among other miscellaneous finds), this place was a whole new world to me. Rosie swears by their pens and the little angel bought me one and  I’m addicted to using it already.

My all-time favorite shop was Red Pearl in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This shop had so many cute clothes, accessories, stationery and trinkets (which you probably will never need but definitely want) at affordable prices. I scored a grey cardigan for only $30 and I’ve lived in it every day since. 10/10 recommend if you like stores like Anthropologie but at Francesca’s prices.

All in all, it was a lovely weekend.

Since this was my fourth time visiting New York, I didn’t have much on my to-do list (other than eating good Ramen and sipping on some good coffee). I was OK with living like a local and boppin’ around small neighborhoods and happening upon great finds.

My all-time favorite part of this weekend was spending it with Rosie. This little ‘ol sap is a sucker for reunions and quality time with quality people. I loved seeing my old friend in her new city and getting a firsthand look at how she’s living it up. I am so proud of her making that big move to New York and I can’t wait to see what she does next. 10/10 recommend visiting loved ones who live far away, because the trip is always worth it.

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