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5 Tips For Mental Wellness

Seeking mental wellness is crucial.

It’s crucial to how I operate as a person, professional and peer. It’s crucial to how I think and feel and do and say. Often times, it’s easy for me to get caught up in physical health: how fast is my mile? How controlled is my climb?

But mental health is just as important.

I think there’s this unspoken myth that how we look is greater than how we think or feel, that people care more about what’s on the outside than the inside. Those people may exist, but they are certainly not my kind of people. I want people who want me to be healthy in all ways: physical, mental and even spiritual.

In 2019, I want to work on my mental wellness more. To assess how I function and what I need and actually follow through with self-care.

Here are few of my tips & tricks to mental wellness:

  1. Write it out. Putting my thoughts and feelings on paper (or a computer screen) helps me sort through a whole mess in my mind and heart. It’s healthy for me to externally process before my internal explodes.
  2. Stop self-hate. Even if it’s unspoken, I tend to find self-deprecating thoughts and words floating in my head. It’s important to lift myself up and think positively about who I am, what I do and how I act.
  3. Take a breath. I always recommend this, yet rarely do it. Hopefully, in 2019, I’ll take this more seriously: to step away from a moment of heat or tension or just plain busyness, to pause and breathe and recover from chaos.
  4. Seek outside help. Though it takes humility, at times I must admit that I do need help. It’s OK to not be OK. Often times, it helps to talk through my thoughts and feelings with my therapist, friends or family.
  5. Do your thing. It’s easy for me to compare myself, my Instagram & my blog to others and suffer from insecurity. I must remember I am my own person, so I must own who I am, what I do and what I make. Individuality is a pro, not a con.

Sometimes seeking mental wellness can be hard. Sometimes I don’t take it as seriously as I should. But whenever I do pursue it, whenever it is on the top of my list, it is so very worth it. When my mind is well, it’s easier for my body to be well, too. When my mind is well, I tend to be a kinder, stronger, more grounded person.

I hope these tips and tricks help you out. I hope they help you realize that mental wellness is important and we should all keep our minds healthy, just like we want our bodies to be healthy too. Your brain and spirit is just as important as your physique and appearance — if not more so. Let’s do our best to be well, live well and love well.

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