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Getaway Recap: Baylor Homecoming

This weekend was a blast.

At first, I was skeptical. I hadn’t been back to a Baylor homecoming or football game since I graduated (#WorstAlumnaEver). I wasn’t sure I would know anyone or be remembered or find friends. I was worried I would feel disconnected and isolated after all that’s happened post-grad.

But my silly worries and uncertainties and fears were unfounded. Homecoming at Baylor was just that: like coming home.

It was collectively geeking out over President Livingstone and getting scorched by the blazing bonfire. It was an early morning wake-up call to an alumnae breakfast and a 7 a.m. parade. It was ooh’s and ahh’s over the floats and brr’s of the chilly morning air. It was singing songs and yelling chants and losing voices while we cheered on the boys to victory(!!!).

It was seeing old, dear friends and meeting new, fresh faces. It was past, present and even future Bears coming together to celebrate 109 years of returning on a weekend designated to spreading the green and gold love.

One word to sum up this weekend is: grateful.

I am grateful to have received an education from an excellent school with dedicated professors and staff. I am grateful to have been surrounded by such godly, compassionate peers who truly pushed me to become the best version of myself.

I am grateful for college friends turned into practical family. I am grateful for late-night memories and big-time laughs. I am grateful for a place outside of Dallas and my parents’ house to call “home.”

I am grateful for three hard, yet wonderful years post-grad. I am grateful for friends who stuck by my side during truly the darkest hours. I am grateful for new community in Dallas who have greeted me with sincere, loving open arms.

I am grateful for Jesus Christ, lots of life and Baylor University.

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