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Getaway Recap: Prague

So, I went to Prague.

A few weeks ago, I packed my bags and headed to Germany to visit my dear friend Paulina. During the middle of the week while she was a busy bee at work, I escaped to Prague for some Mae-and-more-Mae time for a few days.

It was my very first solo trip, and I loved (nearly) every second of it.

Here’s what went down:

Prague is super tiny & wonderfully inexpensive!

It’s a great place to visit alone because it’s small enough to walk in a day — literally I put in 30,000 steps my first full day there. It’s also incredibly inexpensive, so you can get the very most out of your budget.

Since Prague is so tiny, there’s a bunch of wonderful experiences and adventures and things to do that you can pack into a short amount of time.

Here are my top 5 favorite things to do:

  1. Visit Prague Castle. Yes, it’s called Prague Castle in English. Super simple to remember. You have to trek up approximately a million steps to reach this castle, but the view is beautiful and oh so worth it. The castle itself is also grand and very picture perfect.
  2. Walk the Charles Bridge. This bridge isn’t a rinky-dink, old, nothing-to-see bridge. It’s absolutely massive and there are tons of vendors, street artists and musicians across the entire thing. However, if you’re not a fan of crowds, I do not suggest this bridge. (It’s pretty chaotic).
  3. Explore Old Town Square. Just what it sounds like, this town square is rich with history. Unfortunately, I do not know much of Prague’s history at all, but I do know this square is beautiful and every Prague visitor must see it!
  4. See the Lennon Wall. Just to warn you: the wall is a normal wall, it just happens to be dedicated to John Lennon and decked out in some awesome graffiti. It’s not particularly thrilling, but it was one of my favorite things I did.
  5. Shop in Wenceslas Square. This town square in New Town has some great stores and big labels. I spent a good hour boppin’ around trying to score some good deals.

“What’s the food like in Prague?”

You may ask. Well guess what? I really don’t know…I didn’t ever try an actual Czech cuisine, mostly by because the time I became hungry I was immensely hangry and had to eat as soon as I could find food.

I will say there a tons and tons and tons of food options in Prague. Since there are so many tourists and there is so much diversity, you can find just about anything that tastes good to you, no matter where you’re from.

While in Prague, I ate an Italian pasta, sacher (a French chocolate cake), croissants, fish and chips, pad thai and a typical European breakfast (thanks Mosaic House, my hostel).

Flying solo in Prague was amazing.

I recommend this little city for anyone who wants to travel solo in Europe (more to come on my first solo travel experience). I also recommend this little city for anyone who wants to travel at all! Now don’t just sit there and read my silly recap, go see it for yourself!


One response to “Getaway Recap: Prague”

  1. Constant Explorers Avatar
    Constant Explorers

    Prague is amazing! I was just there a few months ago and really enjoyed it. Glad you had a nice trip!


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