The Art Of Now: On The Moments In-Between

I live for mountaintop moments.

Moments like leaving for college, graduating with a bachelor’s, making new friends, landing the first job. Moments like traveling abroad and falling in love. Moments that will attract tons of Instagram likes and social media engagements.

I live for those kind of moments.

Lately, those moments have been few and far between.

The daily routines of life (waking up, making coffee, going to work, leaving work, eating dinner, Netflix-ing and going to bed) bog me down. The mundane drains me, it’s like the days and weeks and months waste away.

What happened to those mountaintop moments? Why are they so scarce? Am I not living or doing enough? Am I no longer adventurous and fun and spontaneous?

Maybe life isn’t about mountaintop moments.

Maybe it’s not about the ultra highs or deep, deep lows. Maybe it’s about the moments in-between. Maybe it’s about the art of now, instead.

I like to imagine “the art of now” as living in the present and not wishing I was anywhere else. The art of now is not dwelling in the past or planning for the future. The art of now is living and being and breathing in each moment as it passes.

It’s hard to live in the art of now. It’s hard not to stay in the past or daydream for the future. But I’m trying, I’m honestly trying, to be more present-minded. To show up. To stay. To be.

So what about now?

Right now, in this moment, I’m sitting at DFW International Airport. I’m waiting to board my plane to Iceland, which will take me to Germany, to reunite with a near and dear friend.

Right now, I’m trying not to look behind me or think about work or even text too many friends. Right now, I’m showing up. I’m staying. And I’m living in this moment.

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