I Am Not My Weight

Plain & simple.

These words are true. Lately, I have been hard on myself about my weight. I am about 10 pounds over what I usually weigh in at, and I have been beating myself up about it.

I want thinner thighs and longer legs and more sculpted arms. I want to look like my Insta-model friends who seem to take the best, most photogenic pictures. I want to miraculously hit a growth spurt to put me at 5’6″.

I want to eat what I want and gain nothing.

That’s just not how it works.

These days, I am learning to love not only myself (my thoughts, feelings and actions), but to also love my body. My weight and looks do not define my character and integrity. My weight and looks are only my weight and looks, and their significance pales in comparison to my actions.

Yes, maintaining a healthy diet and exercising often are important. They’re even more important for me as someone who battles with mental illness.

But my end goal shouldn’t be a number on a scale, my end goal should be holistic wellness. By bettering my body in a healthy manner, I am bettering my mind and soul, too.

“You are what you eat.”

I don’t think this saying is true in all its forms. Yes, my taco-centric diet makes me sluggish and feel blech, but tacos are just tacos. They don’t make me who I am.

Maybe instead, we should say, “You are who you are.” This existential comment may seem vague, but it’s true. I am more than my weight and height and diet.

I am a daughter, friend, Christ follower, legal specialist, blogger, creative and soul sister. My personality is bigger than my body and my dreams are bigger than myself. I care about social justice and I want world peace.

I am not what I eat, I am who God made me. I am who I was created to be, and I am being shaped in every moment to be who I’m called to be.

Friends, let’s strive for excellence.

Excellent, holistic health. Excellent, kind actions. Excellent, life-giving friendships. Let’s look at ourselves more than what we see in the mirror, and instead remember we are more than appearances.

We are creatures of compassion and beings of kindness. We are thoughts and feelings and dreams wrapped up into mind, body and souls. We are not our weight, we are so much more.

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