Made For More: On Career & Calling

I have a career.

Well, sort of — I’ve been at my job as a legal clerk for just over a year now. The past 365-ish days flew by as phone calls, client conversations and faxes kept me busy.

I know I’d like to stay in the legal field, but when it comes to my career, I’m not quite sure where I’ll end up. This uncertainty has me wondering, “What’s my career and what’s my calling?”

As a young 20-something, it seems like I’m always wrestling with this question. Am I doing what I’m called to? Am I being all that I can be? Is this truly the path God has for me, or is it something I made up along the way?

No matter my career, I’m always called.

Whether I’m a pilot or a dentist or a teacher or a dog walker, I’m always called to certain things:

  1. I’m called to be humble to think of others more, and myself less.
  2. I’m called to be kind — to exude peaceful gentleness toward those around me.
  3. I’m called to work hard to do my best with what I’m given.

Of all of my daily callings regarding my career, perhaps the greatest one is to be more. To be more than a 9-to-5 title and more than a paycheck, to be more than my social ranking at the office and more than compliments my boss may give.

It’s easy for me to be career-minded and think my worth is defined by my income or social status, but I was made to be more than that.

So lately, I’ve been in prayer.

I’m praying over this law school dream and uncertainty in my calling and doubt in myself. I’m praying over whether I am doing what is right or wrong, and what moving onward and upward looks like. I’m praying over career and calling and everything in between.

If you’re young and dumb or old and smart, if you’re wondering what your career is, just remember you’re called. You’re called to more than bringing home the bread and making a living. You’re called to goodness and bravery and kindness, too.

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