Travel Tips: On Airport Survival

I’m a semi-veteran traveler.

Though I’m 20-ish years young, I have done plenty of traveling both domestically and to foreign countries in my short life span. Some of my favorite places are destinations I only visited for a minute, but left lasting impacts on my mindset and lifestyle.

Airports and train stations are my favorite: they’re places where the best hello’s and saddest goodbye’s take place. They’re settings for reunions and departures. They house stomach butterflies and heartbreaks and giggles and tears.

In honor of an upcoming trip to a surprise location, I’d like to walk you through some pro tips to making your time at the airport a wonderful & efficient adventure:

  1. Pack a carry-on if the trip is less than a week. If your trip is short — or if a washer/dryer is available at your stay — I recommend bringing a carry-on. You can get in/out of the airport quicker and don’t have to worry about losing your luggage.
  2. Print or save your boarding pass before going to the airport. To be more efficient when you arrive at the airport, print your pass or save the mobile version. Easy, breezy, beautiful.
  3. Don’t go through security barefoot. It’s gross and who knows what kind of germs there could be! If you wear sandals, bring a compact pair of socks in your carry-on to slip on during security.
  4. Pack snacks. Even though you can’t bring liquids, packing granola bars or a sandwich can save tons of money instead of spending it on the pricey airport vendors.
  5. Bring a jacket or sweater. Planes are freezing. Beat the cold. The end.
  6. Use the free Wi-Fi. Get all you need done in the likely limited amount of time the airport allows, even save screenshots of stuff to work on later. Then enjoy the present.
  7. Make a friend. I love meeting people when I travel and airports/plane rides are some of the best places to do so! Don’t be afraid to say, “Hi.”

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