All Good Things Are Less Than Jesus

Here are a few of my favorite things:

  1. Taco Tuesday (and Taco Everyday) — because one day a week is simply not enough for tacos.
  2. Puppies — particularly Bear, my good friends’ new pup, who is vicious but precious and the light of my life.
  3. A good book — I recently hopped back on the reading train, and it’s quite peaceful for me to get lost in a novel.
  4. Deep conversations — as an extroverted introvert, I love to get to know people. I don’t care to talk about the weather, tell me about your soul.
  5. Mountains — I used to be a beach girl, but as I grew older and wiser(ish), the mountains called me home.

Yet these all good things less than Jesus.

I can have a wonderful day in the mountains eating tacos, playing with Bear, reading a book, diving deep with a friend — and yet, feel empty if I don’t spend any time with my Savior.

The more I do and see and read and talk and eat, the more I realize nothing fills and satisfies me like a relationship with Christ.

There are wonderful and delightful things on this earth: falling in love, living out a dream, reaching an accomplishment — but they are not Jesus. They are not the Son of God living and dying and raising to life for you, for me, for all of us.

As this Easter season just passed, I pray you find the satisfaction of your soul is rooted in Jesus Christ. I pray Christ will rid me of all restlessness and discontentment with my earthly favorite things, and remember all longing in my heart is longing to be with him in Heaven.

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