I Love You & I Mean It

“I love you.”

I’m not sure how or why, but these words have always been particularly difficult for me to say. Perhaps it is because it requires some sense of humility, an admission that you need another person. Perhaps it is because it requires some sense of vulnerability, an admission of feelings.

I have never been a mushy gushy person, it’s taken 20+ years on earth and two years of counseling for me to even acknowledge my own feelings. I’m still learning to approach and value and process them. Perhaps this is why it’s a challenge to speak these three words.

I hope you love someone.

I hope you love your mother, father, sister or brother. I hope you love a close friend, a neighbor, a barista, a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I hope you even love something. I hope you love tacos, the sunrise, airports, or puppies.

Each of us has the capability to love and be loved. Each of us has a unique vacancy in our hearts for unique people, places and things to feel.

I vow to say “I love you and I mean it.”

More often to more people on more occasions. To say it when I hang up with my mother, Sweet Denise. To say it when my roomie Lauren brings home dinner. To say it to my home group after our Tuesday nights spent with life-giving community.

I vow to say “I love you” because it matters, because people should say and hear it more often.

Dear Reader, I love you and I mean it.

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