Is It OK That I’m (Still) Single?

Let me shoot ya straight: yes.

In the course of the past two years, I’ve witnessed my friends falling in and out — but mostly in — of love. I’ve stood by my friends’ sides in six weddings, jumped for the bouquet and eaten copious amounts of wedding cake.

All the while being asked regularly, “Are you seeing anyone?” I reply, “No.” Then receive a sympathetic, “Oh honey, that’s OK…”

Yeah. I know it’s OK.

Here are some — of many — reasons it’s OK:

  1. I’m 23. I eat popcorn for dinner and refuse to do my laundry until I’m down to my last pair of underwear. I’m simply not done being young and dumb and careless, and I don’t think I’ll grow out of this phase for quite some time.
  2. I fall in love with puppies more than men. My friends Rosie & Nate just got the cutest Golden Retriever Bear, we are madly in love and I’m very excited where we’re headed.
  3. I can’t sit still. I often become restless with the life I live. I crave to be more and do more, and the idea of settling down frightens me.
  4. I like to be selfish — with my time, opportunities and friendships. I like that singleness allows me to do whatever whenever I want, and that I don’t have to consult someone else who may have a differing opinion.
  5. I’m over waiting. Not in a promiscuous, I chase after men way. In a why wait-for-a-guy-when-I-can-fully-live-in-the-moment way.

There are moments of weakness.

I want a guy to bring me tacos and make me laugh. It would be nice to meet someone to spend the rest of my life with.

But I can’t dwell in these moments, in this single period God has blessed me with. I can’t live in regret of the guys who have passed nor live in the future for a guy who will come.

There is a season for everything: a season for singleness and a season for dating. Both seasons are made to refine me into a better, more wonderful version of myself. So I’m going to thank God for this season He’s chosen to give.

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