Promises & Prayers For 2018

I promise these things to myself for the new year:

  1. I promise to spend time with people who make me a better person. These are the prayer warriors, cheerleaders, encouragers, make-me-laughers. These are the people who leave me wanting more when we say goodbye.
  2. I promise to work hard even when I don’t want to. Even when I feel like my effort goes unnoticed or even when I’m simply worn out, I promise to give my all in all things.
  3. I promise to prioritize my wellness first. Instead of wearing myself out trying to make everyone feel better/healthier/newer/happier, I promise to assess and care for me first.
  4. I promise to laugh at least once a day. Because I believe joy is at the root of goodness, because I believe at laughing in the days to come.
  5. I promise to look onward and upward. Though my default is to look backward and downward, I promise to not live in my past, dwell in God’s presence and anticipate future goodness.

I pray these things for the new year:

  1. I pray my heart will be open to others wonderfully and recklessly. To love in a way that says, “You can hurt me but I will cherish you with all that I am, because Christ cherished me first.”
  2. I pray my eyes see more than the external. Because we are more than brand clothing and white teeth, because we are more than fake smiles and pity laughter. Because we each have a story to tell, because we each carry heartaches and hopes.
  3. I pray to be more patient, humble and kind. Lord knows I struggle with all three — I can be short-tempered and prideful and rude. The world needs less of that.
  4. I pray to hate less and love more. To hate less cats and love more dogs. To hate running less and to love exercise more. To hate less humans and love more strangers.
  5. I pray to live well, love deeply and savor the moments in-between.

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