“Yes And Amen.”

TVC Dallas’ head pastor often says.

Steve Hardin is a man marked by the fruit of the Spirit, I have never met someone kinder or more genuine than him.

Though he doesn’t speak from the pulpit often, even in casual conversation, he goes, “And what do we say? Yes and amen.”

I don’t say “yes” much anymore.

After a lifetime struggle with perfectionism and pleasing people, I learned how to say “no.” I rejected plans I didn’t desire to keep, I even rejected friends who were hateful and selfish and rude.

Somewhere on the corner of healthy and saying “no,” I started to say “no” to Jesus Man, too.

I said “no” to finding a church where I could grow. It took over a year for me to muster up the courage and leave my home church.

I said “no” to serving because I simply didn’t have the time — or at least, I didn’t prioritize giving.

I said “no” to reading my Bible daily. Isn’t sleep more important than waking early to bask in God’s presence? Doesn’t God want me to physically rest?

I do say “amen” quite often.

My favorite car rides are my trips to work in the morning. I shut off the radio and tune out my worries, and let prayers pour from my mouth.

Often times, I do not even know what to pray for, and let the Spirit speak in my place. The Spirit sends groans and sufferings to God, who sent His Son Jesus Man to die for me. How wonderful is He to do that?!

Can I get an AMEN?!

I vow to say “yes and amen” more.

I vow to say “yes” to Jesus Man, to Jesus’ plans, to Jesus’ love. I say “yes” to God’s calling on my life, to wherever and whomever and whatever.

I vow to say “amen” to Jesus Man, to accredit him for his daily goodness, grace and mercy. I say “amen” to ending my morning drives, closing out my periodic prayers and to letting The Spirit work in my heart, mind and strength.

I vow to say “yes and amen” often and with hopeful expectation. I vow to say it and mean it and live it. Yes and amen.

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