Getaway Recap: Denver

This weekend was a blast.

Yes — I have been out of town every other weekend since mid October. Yes — it has been expensive. Yes — it’s definitely worth it.

My homegirl Emily will get married the first weekend of December, and lo and behold, she chose me to be her Maid of Honor. Emily had never seen the mountains before this weekend, so she chose to have her party in Denver.

I’m going to be honest, I was pessimistic at first — won’t it be cold? Won’t it snow? Won’t we shiver in our dresses when we go out?

It was cold. It did snow. We did shiver.

But it was still a blast.

Travel requires a positive mindset.

Similar to my trip to Padre Island, there were a few hiccups in the road.

We planned to hike in Estes Park and as the elevation rose, the temperature dropped — something we didn’t take into account for while packing. Then a wintry mix of rain and snow covered our windshield — also unplanned.

But we’re troopers! We hiked almost 2 miles in 30-degree weather while it snowed, donning our Patagonia fleeces and basic white girl tennis shoes.

We passed true hikers along our way. They were complete with water proof hiking boots, Merrell rain jackets, trekking poles. It was quite comical how unprepared we were and how obvious it was to real outdoors-men.

But the waterfall at the end of our hike was worth it. Walking through the snow in Denver mountains is like entering a real-life Narnia. Beautiful and whimsical and a bit mysterious.

It was one of those moments I tried to freeze in time to put on a shelf in the back of my mind, a happy place to escape to when needed.

The rest of the weekend was great, too. We toured the Coors brewery, bouldered at a local climbing gym, bar hopped along Broadway (including Punch Bowl Social, Historian Ales House, etc.).

Now here’s an unrelated but equally important travel tip:

Get what you need.

I pulled a very Mae move and escaped to a coffee shop in the middle of our night on the town for some rest, introversion and peace. It was a great idea and I don’t regret it.

If you’re tired, take a break. If you’re hungover, pop some meds and eat some greasy food. If you’re socially exhausted, retreat.

Take care of yourself when you travel, because it’s ever so important in enjoying your trip.

I give this trip a 10/10.

It threw us curve balls and we bounced back. It bonded us as a bridal party. It reunited me with some long lost friends. It was a surprisingly wonderful location for an equally wonderful trip.

If you haven’t checked Denver out, please do! I don’t think you’ll regret it.

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