Getaway Recap: NYC

I love New York.

Probably for all of the reasons many hate it: the sights, sounds and smells.

People think the sights are too busy, sounds too noisy, smells too gross. But the sights unite people across nations, the sounds just echo liveliness, the smells can include fresh baked bread and authentic, exotic cuisine.

My gal Abby and I mosied a lot this weekend. We had little concrete plans but lots of hope on what to see. We visited nearly everything we desired: Central Park, Times Square, The Met, The Charging Bull, The Brooklyn Bridge, and more.

We conquered without an itinerary.

But with the help of Google Maps and kind strangers who didn’t mind to nudge us in the right direction.

One of the best parts of travel is following your stomach’s cravings.

Brunch in Upper East Village, the renowned Tompkins Square Bagels, delectable pasta and literally a pitcher of sangria at San Marzano (my No. 1 dinner recommendation if you want to ball on a budget).

Perhaps my biggest takeaway from this getaway is: sometimes it’s OK to not plan every minute so you can savor every moment. 

Don’t let those moments of getting lost on the subway or blisters on your feet pass you by.

Right now is such a pleasant time to live.

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