Travel Tips: How To Choose An Adventure Buddy

I can’t travel with just any of my friends.

I turn into a different person when I travel, not a worse or angrier or crazier person, just different. I think that happens to a lot, if not all, travelers.

Travel can bring out the very best and very worst of us. It’s challenging and stretching and brings people out of their comfort zones. It’s chaotic and unruly and often requires improvisation.

I like to be quite selective when choosing travel companions. Here’s a handful of important characteristics to look for in an adventure buddy:

  1. Fun-loving– perhaps this is too obvious of a point, but don’t travel with someone you do not have fun with. Don’t travel with someone who can get under your nerves, because you will see a lot each other when adventuring.
  2. Flexible– it’s vital to choose a friend who doesn’t always need to stick to a strict schedule, who can wing it if she’s forced into a tricky situation.
  3. Fearless– travel requires a level of boldness: boldness to ask for directions, boldness to remember you’re wrong, boldness to speak in a broken language. Bring someone who isn’t afraid to be humbled, isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone.
  4. Funny– when you miss a train or get soaked head-to-toe wearing suede boots, you need someone who will laugh with you.  You need someone who can lighten the mood when the unexpected and unwanted happens.
  5. Freaking stellar– this “F” was a stretch, but pick a friend who’s an absolutely out of this world spectacular human being. Traveling with a friend can be difficult because there’s so, so, so much one-on-one time with them, but it can also stretch and grow and better your friendship!

This weekend, I’m taking a trip to NYC with my gal Abby. I know I vetted her well and thoroughly, so I’m sure we will have a grand ol’ time. Who is your go-to travel buddy? How did you find her/him? What adventures have you been on? Let me know in the comments below!

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