Ballin’ On A Budget: The Texas State Fair

The fair is the bomb.

Growing up, I visited every year with Pops (and sometimes Mama). We rode rides, ate fried food, cheered on tiny, racing pigs and walked until we could no longer walk any more.

Now that I’m an adult — or trying to be — I realize just how darn expensive the fair is. Admission tickets, tickets for rides, food and special attractions. Tickets for things we want and things we convince ourselves we need.

Today was the best.

My dear, old friend Zach came into town from Fort Worth and he, my roomie and I hit up the fair. We decided to drive since the DART was over an hour, and since we went on a Sunday morning, parking and driving was a breeze.

Each of us got 30 tickets at $15 — buying any more seemed excessive at the time. They were just the right amount for us.

I spent mine on a personality test using my signature (it was fascinating and surprisingly accurate), chicken tenders & fries and an iced tea. Zach spent his on a craft beer (which was delicious) and a burger. Lauren spent hers on a corn dog, a caramel apple and also the personality test.

We didn’t ride the rides or buy crazy food, we didn’t pay to get into the aquarium or the butterfly exhibit. But we had just as much fun as the next person: cheering on pigs, petting goats, drinking good drinks and eating good eats.

The fair is almost over, but that’s OK.

This post may seem untimely, but this is the moral of the story: you can ball on a budget wherever you go. It can be a fair, music festival, concert, a shopping spree or a night on the town. Here are some money saving tips:

  1. Make a realistic budget.
  2. Stick to it.
  3. Splurge a tad if you’ve really earned it. Or if it’s just a hair over your budget.
  4. Do all of the free things. All of them.
  5. Go home and brag to your friends about how thrifty you were.

It takes discipline. It takes self-control. It takes friends not peer pressuring you into spending more. But your wallet will thank you. You will thank you. And all will be well.

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