My 6-Step Wellness Check: What’s Really Going On?

Can I get a wellness check, 1-2?

Just like a mic check, sometimes I need to self-assess to ensure all of me works according to the best of its ability.

Sometimes I forget to eat. I become caught up with my to do’s and checks and social engagements. I become caught up in getting here on time, there before that, sending this before getting there. And by the end of the day, my grumbling stomach is like, “Yo, crazy lady! I need food.”


Sometimes I can’t sleep. It’s usually due to anxiety — thank God for insomnia meds, am I right? Without those guys, I would legit run on a handful of hours of sleep each night. When I monitor my sleep and realize it’s wonky, I pop a Trazodone, sleep like a baby and feel much, much better.

So how do I assess my wellness? Like so:

  1. Food— am I getting enough calories, proteins, fruits and veggies?
  2. Sleep— am I clocking enough physical rest hours in? Do I need to take some pills to ease the edge of laying awake in bed?
  3. Energy— am I exhausted or energetic, or in-between? Am I jumping off the walls or nodding off during work (YIKES)?
  4. Mood–as a woman with BP, it’s essential to monitor moods. Am I cranky, sad, happy, angry, or all of the above? Where do those emotions come from? Have I processed them or stuffed them deep down in the crevices of my heart?
  5. Spiritual–perhaps the most important, I must must must maintain spiritual rest. Daily. Not optional. Absolutely necessary. Am I getting enough of it? What takes up my time instead of prioritizing this?
  6. Social–do I run myself dry on hanging with friends? Am I lonely and feel isolated? I often struggle to find middle ground, but I do my best to seek it out.

Do you ever just “be?”

My therapist Chelsea asked my last session. I didn’t understand the question. She clarified:

Do you ever live in the moment? Consider how you feel and just accept it? Accept you will have down, depressed days? But also great, happy days? Do you ever just let yourself be?

I answered, “Well…no. Hardly ever.” I have a problem just being, staying, sitting. That’s why you have to call me “Mae, Be,” because Lord knows I won’t “be” unless you remind me.

So reader, I challenge you this: perform a wellness check — you can make up your own steps and how often you would like to do it. I usually try to once every couple of weeks, but more often if I feel stressed or overwhelmed.

And furthermore, just be. Savor the moment. Savor the ups and downs and in-between’s. Just be. Be.

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