Small Shop Shout-out: Seventry Handmade Furniture

Introducing Small Shop Shout-out: these posts highlight local shops from all over. Most featured creatives were friends long before I ever started blogging, and I have since grown to know and love them even more for who they are, not just what they make. I  am a passionate small-shopper because it allows me to know the quality of my purchase, story behind my product and the company’s social footprint.

I love creatives.

Perhaps I’m biased, considering I am one myself, but I just love people who dream and do. Who take an idea, a thought, an impulse of whimsy, and produce something unique and individual and spectacular.

An old friend Conner Wright founded his own wood-making business called Seventry Handmade Furniture. And let me tell you, these pieces are GOR-GEOUS.

Each creation is made with 100 percent of solid hardwood, crafted with intent and purpose and ingenuity, mastered with detail ad precision. Clients can buy their own custom-made furniture, or choose an already designed product of Conner’s creativity.

Meet Conner, the face behind Seventry:

Conner decided to turn something not-so-good into something great after he was laid off while working in the oil industry. With his newfound free time, he began to pursue a longtime interest in furniture making. He dove into studying, watching videos and learning from the best in the craft.

“As trite as this saying can be, I genuinely believe this journey has been a gift in disguise. I’m extremely grateful to work hard every day at something I’m passionate about.”

I often find myself becoming caught up in mainstream furniture and decor, but I love how shopping small lets buyers really know their seller’s intent. Conner strives to make the everyday ordinary into something extraordinary, significant, memorable.

“I think if an object can be beautiful, it should be. To put it succinctly, I make furniture for beauty and life. These two things should go together as often as possible.”

Conner’s mission can reflect a desire all of us seek out. As a blogger, shopper and just a human being, I crave things of beauty and life. I search for goodness when there is none, for peace in the present, for wonder over the mundane.

“I’m not a big company. I’m not a high-impact design firm. I’m just a guy who always loved furniture so much that he put in the time to learn how to make it right and now does that for people.”

If you’d like to buy a Seventry product, check out their Facebook  or Instagram  page, or contact Conner at connerthomaswright(at)gmail(dot)com.

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