5 Convos You’ve Definitely Had With Your Roomie

1. is today shower day?

I hate to admit it, but I hate showering. It takes so much mental preparation for me to D.E.A.S. (drop everything and strip) and hop under that nice, warm stream.

Once I’m in the shower, I never want to leave. I live there. It is my home. Maggie Rogers inspires me with her “Alaska” dance moves as I sing with her — much less gracefully, much more out of tune.

Actual convo on 9. 22:

“Lauren, did I shower yesterday? Or the day before? Can I just use dry shampoo? I have my hat…”

2. Can i eat this?

Because grass is always greener on the other side, I always want Lauren’s snacks. I wasn’t much of a snacker before we moved in together, but she is just such a skilled snack-chooser, I can’t help but ask.

Image result for snacking gif

Actual convo on 9.24 at 11:02 p.m.:

“You know what sounds good right now? Egg, avocado and TOAST. *Jumps up from couch and makes it in 2 min.*”

3. Can i wear your (insert item here)?

Your earrings? Your necklace? Your boyfriend jeans? Eventually it turns into a “can I have this?” convo, because it might as well be yours by how often you wear it.

Image result for lizzie mcguire runway gif

Actual convo on 9.18:

“Can I wear that stringy, pinky thing again?” -Mae

“This necklace?” -Sweet Laurenzo

She’s even starting to speak my language.

4. i (insert habit here) like you know.

Eat, talk, laugh, pray, cry, gesture. I am notorious for picking up my friends’ quirks, like Matt Chandler’s movements, Lauren’s tongue sticking out in goofy ways, Rosie’s British accent.

Image result for laughter gif

Actual convo on 9.22:

The other day, I did that weird thing open-and-close thing you do with your hands when you can’t think of a word. It freaked me out.” -SL

5. i can’t imagine living without you.

The sappiest of all sappies, I can’t imagine living without Sweet Laurenzo. She is the kindest and most gracious roommate. She knows my boundaries, moods, pet peeves and hopes. Jesus Man knew what He was doing when He chose to pair us together.

Image result for monica rachel hug gif

**Love you, SL! Let’s stay silly!**

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