You Are What You Eat: On Eating Well

I am a taco and coffee addict.

Sure, these things aren’t innately terrible…but when I consume an average of four tacos a week and 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day, it certainly isn’t the best for me.

When I started the Daniel Fast about a month ago, I cut out a lot of food I love: cheese, chicken, Ramen. No more caffeine including my beloved morning coffee. No more Talenti gelato.

It was truly a challenge. Before, I thought I ate healthy — and I did for the most part — but once fasting I realized cutting out refined sugars and fatty foods and even animal products can be a life changing experience.

I felt more energetic, more full of life.

Since I was mostly eating fruit and veggies and whole wheat grains, I was full of energy I simply didn’t have before. I was more alert and wired. I worked harder, climbed better and slept deeper.

I have ended the Daniel Fast and discovered I likely have a form of gluten intolerance — blood work pending. A life without gluten may be a challenge, but I am what I eat and if gluten messes me up, then I get messed up.

Less sugar, less slow down. More protein, stronger muscles. More veggies, more cleanliness. Less cheese, less lethargy.

You are what you eat. What are you eating? How do you feel? How can you change your diet? What do you think the effects will be?*

I aim to be healthy, happy and holy. Mostly the last. But when I’m healthy, I am more likely to be happy and holy.

I hope you can be too.

*Tell me your favorite healthy foods and meals, and how you prepare them. Do you have a favorite healthy, local hot spot? Please share! I would love to learn more about eating well and living fully.

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