No Man Is An Island: On Community

I isolated myself as a child.

Struggling with perfectionism, I feared if people saw the real me, the flawed me, they would no longer love me. So I didn’t bring friends over because I worried they would judge my family or our dynamics. I didn’t reach out because I was timid and anxious.

Sometimes I cried myself to sleep because I was overwhelmed by false shame. I was afraid others would see who I was, what my thoughts were, how I acted, and leave.

Today, I seek community.

After spending so many years as an island, I broke away from an only-me-mindset and started accepting others’ kindness toward me. I became receptive to invitations from the devoted.

Now I’m the one who chases community and basks in knowing others deeply and fully and radically. Now I can’t help but giggle to as I hopefully expect so many years to gain with wonderful people and wonderful stories.

I can’t imagine life without my community.

I have dear, old Baylor friends scattered here and there, I have homecoming heroes returning to Dallas, I have new friends from new places and new paths.

Breaking bread is one of the fastest ways to my heart — sit with me, eat with me and share good things. Let’s laugh and cry and giggle and mourn.

Let’s do life together because as humans, we crave community, we crave to be known. Let me serve you, let me be with you, let me love you. Wonderfully and unconditionally and unexpectantly. Absolutely and passionately and joyfully.

I’ll let you be my community. Let me be yours.

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