Time After Time

Lately, I’ve been convicted of how I spend my time.

In college (and when I’m depressed) I binge watch Netflix shows from my bed, and I drift off in a state of oblivion as I drown myself hours on end in movies.

It’s honestly a wasteful and gluttonous way to spend my time. I could spend such hours instead praying, worshipping, pursuing friendships, mentoring, serving, even exercising would be better.

Ironically, quality time is my top love language. Unfortunately, I do not prioritize quality time with God over sleep and TV. I daily struggle with waking early and spending my time meditating in the Word.

I now pray for discipline — discipline to place God at the top of my to-do list in everything I do, say, think, act. I now pray for guidance — guidance to know when He calls me and to what and to who. I now pray to act — to walk worthy and righteous, to humble myself and serve others first.

But I’m selfish and lazy.

I can be far too complacent and far less faithful. It’s so easy for my heart to wander to things that are not God — my career, my friends, my reputation. It’s so hard to remember that God calls me to spend quality time with quality people in quality ways.

There won’t be instant improvement — it takes perseverance and endurance and an overwhelming amount of faithfulness to reach where I’d like to be: spending an hour in His Word, pursuing my faith above all else.

There will be instant fruit — when we place God at the center of our hearts and lives, when we align our desires solely with Him, we see the goodness He bestows upon us, we taste the glory that comes from Him and Him alone.

Please pray with me, for me, alongside me. Please pray for discipline, guidance and action. Please pray these things for yourselves if you are a Believer and please consider spending your time wisely if you do not.

Time after time, we can trust in Him. Time after time, we can fall in love with Him. Time after time, we can use our time well.

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