Hi & hello!

My name is Mae, a proud Texan and dedicated mental health advocate. I am here to help you be kind to your mind, kind to others, and kind to yourself. I promise to cheer you on when you are overjoyed, and mourn with you when you are troubled.

Thank you so much for visiting my corner of the universe. This space is designed to uplift and encourage, to ease your burdens, and to remind you of the good things in life. Feel free to connect with me on social media, I am most active on Instagram.

A bit about me

I work full-time managing a climbing gym, but enjoy creating, writing, and daydreaming when I’m outside of the gym. I reside in Dallas and nearly have my entire life, although I love weekend getaways.

I proudly mother my sweet terrier-mix Jack, drink far too much coffee, and like to spend time outside as much as possible.

I started this blog as a way to process and document my mental health journey. It quickly developed into both sweet reminders for me, and honest encouragement for readers. Thank you again for reading and stopping by. Enjoy!